Regina Addiction Rehab Services

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Regina, Saskatchewan

For over three decades clients from across North America have benefited from treatment at Last Door.

Last Door Recovery Society provides in-patient treatment for youth and adult males, from 14 years of age and older. The facilities are located in New Westminster BC.

Please call us for a telephone screening, rapid intakes are available within 24 hours for those who qualify for private detox and treatment.

Treatment services for addiction to drugs, alcohol, video gaming, nicotine.

Services include:

Social Model Program, clients are part of a vibrant recovery community, they learn how to live recovery while in treatment, so they can use their learned skills back in their home community.

If you are not looking for residential treatment, or are not able to travel to BC for treatment, here are some suggestions for you to begin you recovery journey.

Regina Addiction Services

Regina Detox Centre

Our holistic approach to treatment and recovery follows closely with the Medicine Wheel teachings that to fully heal we need to treat the body, mind, emotions and spirit together. To this end we provide the resources that our clients require, including a smudging and healing room for spiritual practices.

Regina Detox Centre
1640 Victoria Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 0P7
Phone: 1.306.766.6622
Fax: 1.306.766.7969

Secure Youth Detoxification Centre

Addiction Services provide daily clinical services to youth admitted under the YDDSA for Detox and Stabilization. Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, Addiction Services counsellors provide clinical, consultative and referral services to individuals and families. Addiction Counsellors participate in developing community safety plans and provide contemporary care services to youth after discharge. Community Treatment orders are referred to youth team outreach workers to ensure ongoing support is available to the youth and families.

Secure Youth Detoxification Centre
Box 1452, Ritter Avenue and Toot Hill
Regina, SK S4P 3C2
Phone: 1.306.787.1058
Fax: 1.306.787.4307

Oxford House Society of Regina (OHSR)

Oxford House provides housing and support for individuals who have recently completed an addictions program and have limited options to continue their recovery.

The Oxford House concept offers a unique concept in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. In its simplest form, an Oxford House is described as a democratically run, self-supportive and addiction free home.

Oxford House Society of Regina (OHSR)
200 – 855 Arcola Ave.
Regina, SK S4N 0S9
Phone: 1.306.570.5709
Fax: 1.866.725.8008